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Personnel documents: types and meanings?

Staffing documents: types and meanings?
Personnel accounting is mandatory for enterprises of any level that use the labor of employees. Its organization is clearly regulated by law, in particular, the Labor Code. In fairness, it should be noted that working with personnel documents is quite routine, but requires a thorough knowledge of labor law, scrupulousness and attention. That is why many entrepreneurs have chosen to entrust this work to professionals, outsourcing human resources.

Conditionally all personnel documents at the enterprise can be divided into 2 groups:

Organizational personnel documents concern the personnel organization, they determine the structure and staff of the enterprise. Administrative are related to personnel management and workflow organization.

Organizational documents include:
Administrative personnel documents include:
From the list of personnel documents it can be concluded that their function is to regulate and regulate labor relations. If the personnel documentation is kept correctly and in accordance with the law, the risk of labor disputes or violation of social rights and guarantees of both the employee and the employer is reduced to zero. Moreover, an enterprise that pays due attention to personnel accounting will never have difficulties in communicating with law enforcement and regulatory agencies – from the tax to the labor protection inspectorate and the prosecutor’s office. Personnel documents are also the basis for the correct calculation of wages, affect its completeness and timeliness of payment.
In conclusion, let’s say that any business is based on staff – experienced managers and professional staff, skilled workers. A balanced and correct approach to the organization of personnel accounting is another step on the path to success and vice versa – the neglect of personnel issues can shake and even ruin the company from within.
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