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  • We will select a decision by type of statute
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Tariffs and prices for your business


Providing information from the client

You provide information for the registration of the LLC (passport data, personal identification number of the founders and directors, the name of the LLC, if there is an address, etc.), and pay for the services according to the issued invoice/contract

Provision of services by specialists

We conduct a free consultation, collect all documentation, select QUEDS, prepare and submit the entire set of documents for registration, register with the tax office, receive statistical codes, receive all ready documents, help open an account, order a stamp

Getting the result

After 1 working day after agreement and signing of all documents, you will be registered in the EDR, and after 2-3 days you will receive a fully registered LLC, which can already work. Depending on the selected package, you will receive relevant confirmation documents about registration.


  • Choosing the optimal taxation system ↓

    Choosing the optimal taxation system ↓

    Limited liability companies can operate under the general or simplified taxation system, with or without VAT. Our lawyer will advise and advise which one will be most suitable for you and will be the most profitable for your business.

  • Selection of KVEDs for the specifics of business ↓

    Selection of KVEDs for the specifics of business ↓

    Before registering an LLC, it is important to carefully analyze all types of business activity and choose the right business activity. At the legislative level, there are no restrictions on the number of selected business activities, so you can specify as many types of activities as you like, but one business activity must be the main activity. If the controlling authorities discover the fact that the LLC is conducting activities that are not registered or prohibited by the single tax, this may lead to negative consequences, such as the deprivation of the status of a single tax payer and the imposition of fines by the controlling authorities. To avoid such situations, our specialists will analyze your types of activities and select the right KVEDs for your specifics.

  • Registration in EDR and tax authorities ↓

    Registration in EDR and tax authorities ↓

    Mandatory steps when registering your own case both online and through a public or private registrar. It is very important to enter correct and reliable information in the Register, as this is the basis for further smooth operation of the LLC without inspections, fines, and blocking of work. Our specialists will help you to pass correctly and quickly, saving you from possible problems with the controlling authorities in the future.

  • Licenses and permissions ↓

    Licenses and permissions ↓

    Along with the registration of the LLC, it is also necessary to obtain special permits for engaging in this or that activity in order to avoid problems with regulatory bodies and financial risks in the future. Our specialists of the legal department will provide you with information about the permits that must be obtained according to your type of activity and will help you obtain the necessary permits as soon as possible.

  • Seal ↓

    Seal ↓

    According to the current legislation, entrepreneurs have the right to work without a seal. However, if you are planning to cooperate with a sole proprietorship and/or with legal entities, or if you intend to carry out foreign economic activity, we recommend that you get a company seal of your LLC. Our specialists will help you do it online without any extra effort.

  • Receipt of Statement and Extract ↓

    Receipt of Statement and Extract ↓

    An extract is a document that is created during the initial registration of an LLC and contains information about the business entity. The statement can be provided in electronic and paper form, depending on the client’s request and tasks. An extract from the UDR is a document stating that the LLC carries out business activities with the chosen taxation system. These documents can usually be requested for the conclusion of contracts or during tenders in electronic or paper form. An extract from the Unified State Register in electronic form is provided upon appropriate request through the portal of electronic services. To receive an extract from the Unified State Register in paper form, the LLC must contact by request to the state registrar. According to the selected package of services, our specialists will receive for you an electronic or paper version of the Statement and Statement.

  • Account opening ↓

    Account opening ↓

    Opening an LLC current account in a bank is a mandatory step on the way to running your business, as the authorized capital must be deposited into such an account, and the LLC conducts all calculations exclusively from its bank account. After completing the LLC registration procedure, our specialists will provide all the necessary documents for opening a current account in any bank.

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