Personnel audit is a professional, independent, comprehensive assessment of personnel documentation that has accumulated during personnel accounting, to identify inaccuracies, gaps, and inconsistencies with legislation and internal requirements of the organization.

The purpose of such an audit is to analyze the current state of personnel records, identify errors in the design of personnel documentation, as a result, eliminate deficiencies, restore and restore order in personnel documentation

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  • Choosing a company ELMA Consulting , you receive a detailed report assessing the current state of the company’s human resources management system
  • We provide an analysis of compliance with current legislation and individual recommendations for improving and eliminating inconsistencies (if any) with reference to specific provisions of regulations and legal acts or for explanations

We will eliminate the detected violations and you will be ready for scheduled and unscheduled inspections

The amount of fines for violations ranges from 6,000 to 180,000 UAH

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