Personnel recovery is a service used by various companies. Not every business owner has the opportunity to register a full-time employee. And you need to fill in personal files, employment records, employment orders, dismissals and other documentation constantly. The more employees, the more extensive the organization’s records. Ignoring the requirements of the law leads to problems that do not allow to continue doing business

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The services of an external specialist are often cheaper than the year-round maintenance of a staff unit with appropriate social contributions


The company guarantees an impartial attitude of employees to the preparation of documents

Responsibility for the result

We will develop all the necessary documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Code and other regulations

We will help to bring order to personnel accounting

  • We will analyze all available personnel documents
  • Let’s check the correctness of the existing personnel documents, correct mistakes
  • Let’s check the correctness of registration and payment of individual payments
  • Restore missing personnel documents
  • We will develop mandatory local documents, orders, regulations, instructions
  • If necessary, we will train your staff and / or provide further support

Advantages of cooperation with us

We are responsible for compliance with labor laws and exempt you from fines

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