Proper organization of personnel records management is the basis for building a successful business. Therefore it is not necessary to underestimate importance of the account, competent registration of documents. Outsourcing means the transfer of authority to keep personnel records to professionals and qualified professionals ELMA Consulting . We do not provide services on personnel audit, staff outstaffing and consulting on personnel records management

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Save money

The number of services for HR outsourcing is lower, the lower the cost of a full-time employee or one HR officer


You do not have to pay a salary to a staff member who is not 100% loaded


Our specialists have extensive experience in solving both routine and non-standard personnel tasks

The benefits of working with us in numbers

Fines for non-compliance with labor legislation in the amount of over UAH 400,000 were prevented

Guaranteed result

ELMA Consulting effectively maintains personnel records and guarantees:

  • Information Privacy
  • Execution of services in strictly defined terms
  • Order in personnel documents
  • Reduce staff costs
  • Competent advice
  • Advising HR staff for 2 weeks after staffing
  • audit
We start working after prepayment of 50% of the amount of personnel audit, the remaining 50% you pay at the end of personnel audit and signing the act of work performed

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