Personnel consultation – a service that allows you to get clarification of the law, especially the design of documents, assistance in preparing documents of government agencies and more. Its feature is outsourcing – such cooperation, which involves personnel work without inclusion in the staff of the enterprise. You only pay for specific actions, not for the time spent by a staff lawyer in the office

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A full-time specialist can be at work when he is needed (for example, he will be on sick leave or on leave). You will not encounter such a problem with outsourcing


There is no need to keep a HR specialist in the staff on a regular basis, which significantly saves the organization's costs


Specialists of “ELMA Consulting” kept documentation in Ukraine at enterprises with different specifics: we will solve even the most unusual tasks

Advantages of cooperation

It is quite expensive for a small company to keep a person in its staff who will be responsible for record keeping, hiring and firing staff, legal advice to employees and management

To optimize your budget, it’s easier to contact a specialized company once or if necessary

ELMA Consulting will be such a reliable partner and your support

Statistically, 9/10 of clients who turn to us, as a result, have violations in personnel

We will identify all violations and help prepare for scheduled and unscheduled inspections

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