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Tax holidays during the war – are canceled

The government has decided to return taxes that were abolished due to the war

Minister of Finance Serhiy Marchenko noted that value added tax on imported goods and import duties is refunded first of all

“In the first stage, we want to reimburse VAT on imported goods and import duties. This is done to fill the budget and support domestic producers. If we start to understand the details, we can understand that these initiatives make sense in terms of national business and economy. In particular, the refund of VAT refund is an important and correct decision, I do not know why some say that it hinders business, “- said Marchenko

ELMA Consulting also reminds that the law №2260 renews liability for late payment / non-payment of taxes and fees

The following deadlines for payment of taxes for the period 24.02.2022-26.05.2022 are set:

  • Taxpayers who had the opportunity and did not pay taxes – must pay for this period all taxes and fees until 31.07.2022; also, such taxpayers must submit all necessary reports for March-May 2022 to July 20, 2022
  • Taxpayers who have renewed their opportunities – within 60 credits from the first month following the month of recovery
  • Who currently does not have the means – within 6 months after the cessation or abolition of martial law in Ukraine
  • For those who are in special group 3 of the single tax group (2%) – within 60 days from the date of transition to the former tax system.

To avoid penalties for late payment of taxes, contact our specialists, who will save your business from unplanned expenses, help calculate and pay mandatory payments to the budget during martial law

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