A set of documents for statistical, accounting and tax reporting. These documents must be submitted to the tax authorities by a taxpayer who is temporarily not conducting financial and economic activities. ELMA Consulting will save you time by offering the service of “compiling and submitting zero reports”. You can order this service individually or in combination with other services

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Our experience allows us to submit reports to regulatory authorities, easily pass inspections of our clients, resolve problematic issues and defend, if necessary, the interests of companies in court

Quality service

The risks of fines and penalties are reduced. Our staff will prepare and submit all reports in a timely manner


Reduce costs by at least 50%: outsourced accounting is more cost-effective, while service quality and speed are not reduced

We will provide our customers

  • Determining the amount of reporting required for your business depending on the type of activity according to the registration, the chosen tax system, etc.
  • Selection of required reporting forms, as report and declaration forms change very often and the old report will not be accepted.
  • Completion and formation of the reporting set.
  • Submission of reports in compliance with the deadlines set by law

Benefit when working with us

Saved customers more than 100 million taxes

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