Professional Accounting Support

  • Generating and sending reports
  • We solve your tax issues
  • We insure against fines due to our fault
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Individual approach

Your business has an accountant not an automatic service

All inclusive

We consider taxes and contributions, keep accounting, submit reports

We take over the routine

Reminders of payments in advance to the tax office and prepare documents

all services


how we work

We take everything into account

The accountant works with accounts in other banks, foreign currency payments, online acquiring and online cash register

Accounting in your pocket

In the application you can issue an invoice, create closing documents, or pay taxes

Proven algorithms

Algorithms automatically calculate all contributions and taxes and check the probability of blocking the account, and the accountant gives recommendations

Consultation at any time

The accountant informs about payments, tells about changes in laws, answers your questions

Who needs accounting outsourcing?

  • Companies that do not have an accountant
  • Companies whose accountant is only able to maintain primary
  • You want to have a highly qualified accountant at the best cost
  • Business owners who do not want to deal with routine, but strive to develop their business

For 14 years of work in the market we have created a strong team of specialists who can solve any problem!

Golubovska Maya


tax consultant, certified accountant-practitioner CAP / CIPA, specialization-structuring of business (LLC, FOP), tax and financial planning, experience of over 25 years

Clients love us. And it's mutual.


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