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01 About company

Accounting, personnel, legal and consulting services


Since 2007, Elma Consulting provides comprehensive support for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of accounting, personnel, legal and consulting services, from registration to business to full legal security of government activities



Experience in integrated business support


He works regularly in our state


Are on constant service


Successfully passed tax audits

02 Benefits


Full professional accounting, legal and personnel support of your company at all stages of its life

All inclusive

Comprehensive approach taking into account the peculiarities of your company and constant communication with an individual consultant

We take the routine on ourselves

You are developing your business, and we take care of its financial and tax security

03 Our services


  • A team of professionals who remotely effectively solve all your business issues
  • Order in accounting and tax accounting, timely reports
  • Legal advice on all legal issues
  • We represent the interests of our clients in tax and government agencies
  • We will conduct a legal and tax audit and identify the risks of your activities
  • Properly executed personnel documents of employees and timely accrued payments

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06 News

Tax holidays during the war – are canceled

The government decided to return taxes that had been abolished due to the war

What is HR outsourcing?

Working with staff is one of the most important stages of building a business properly and efficiently

Personnel documents: types and meanings?

Personnel accounting is mandatory for enterprises of any level that use the labor of employees.

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